ProLog Working Panel

Through a simple but complete interface a total control of warehouse is possible and also of its content so that it is always possible have under control the situation of stock and of punctual dislocation of all goods

What it is needed for

Through Gemap it is possible to freely define the structure and the composition of warehouse,creating also warehouses and/or areas with different composition (for example warehouses with floor files or shelves etc)

What you can do with Gemap

  • Possibility of multi-warehouse with definition of single warehouses in a free and personalized
  • Possibility to create/modify also successively warehouses or parts of warehouses ( i.e adding of shelves, columns, floor files a terra, etc.). Data of stock refer always to a perticular warehouse. It is possible so to create also dedicated warehouses
  • Possibility to personalize each single allocation in warehouse according to personalized criteria criteri (i.e type of article, content, client, supplier ecc.). These personalizations can be changed at any time.
  • Personaluization of each single allocation in warehouse to manage quantities or tracking.It is possible also to have allocations in warehouse for a mixed management (according to articles and to type of management chosen for the allocation).
  • Management of articles names with possibility to recover preexistent names or those other systems.
  • Management of articles according three different tre differenti unity of measurement (base unity of measurement, unity of measurement of picking, unity of technical measure).
  • Strategi management of different types of movements. (Stock and Picking )